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Hospital Introduction

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Organization Chart

TTPC has Superintendent, Vice superintendent and Secretary, 5 administrative units including General Affairs, Personnel, Accounting, Medical Affairs and Medical informatics and 3 allied medical units: nutrition, pharmacy and clinical laboratory. Clinical care units contain department of nursing, social worker, psychology, occupational therapy, general psychiatry, addiction and child psychiatry.

Scopes of Clinical services

There are 7 clinical divisions: General Psychiatry, Drug abuse and addiction, Child and adolescent psychiatry, Community Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry and Psychosomatic medicine.
Each divisions have multiple disciplinary teams composed of Psychiatrists, Nurses, Psychologists, Occupational therapists and Social workers. They devoted not only to clinical services but also teaching and doing researches. The clinical service setting include outpatient, inpatient, and daycare.
The treatment models include pharmacotherapy, individual and group psychotherapy, psychosocial intervention and rehabilitation program.

Teaching and Trainng

Student teaching and on-job training are also important roles of TTPC after Psychiatric Teaching Hospital Accreditation since 1998. Graduates from medical schools compete to apply for the Psychiatric resident training program in TTPC every year. Besides, with abundant teaching resources and materials, students of medicine, nursing, psychologist, occupational therapist and social worker from more than 10 universities and colleges can receive high quality internship teaching here.

Public health policy and projects

TTPC plays important roles in supporting public health projects funded by Department of Health and Welfare. As Center of the District Psychiatric Network since 1986, we have invested highly skilled and experienced staffs in assuming the responsibility. Mental health promotion, Suicide prevention, Substance use treatment, Psychiatric homecare, connecting with and empowering healthcare organizations, public agencies and private sectors all help establish the modern psychiatric service network in central Taiwan.

Taso-Tun Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Superintendent:Tsuo-Hung Lan
E-Mail:ttpc@ttpc.mohw.gov.tw URL:https://www.ttpc.mohw.gov.tw/english/
TsaoTun community Metal Health Center Address:No.16, Yufeng St., Caotun Township, NAN-TOU,TAIWAN,R.O.C Hotline Registration: (049)2569113