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Hospital Introduction

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History of Taso-Tun Psychiatric Center

Tsao-Tun Psychiatric Center was founded on July 15, 1983. Before then, mental health resources were scarce in central Taiwan and the need for mental health services was tremendously increasing due to better physical wellbeing of Taiwanese people.

At first, 550 inpatient beds, including 50-bed substance quitting unit, were opened in addition to outpatient services. With the growing demand for hospitalization, TTPC has further expanded the inpatient unit up to 197 acute beds and 800 chronic beds and 92 psychiatric nursing home beds.

As the only one public mental hospital in central Taiwan in the past decades, TTPC had the mission to provide long-term care for the poor psychotic patients without family support. 227 government-funded residential beds were available for those needed in the west part of Taiwan.

Community psychiatry is one of the essential service in TTPC. There are 160 day care and195 day-time psychiatric rehabilitation beds and 40 residential psychiatric rehabilitation beds.

We also have innovative " Spring Breeze Project" which professional teams were assigned to every catchment areas of whole Nantou county and Da-li in southern Taichung to provide clinical services and intense connection with public health agencies and private sectors.

We are also proud to have establish a renowned Substance Abuse Therapeutic Community, named Jia-Lao Village, which can accommodate 30 residents who dependent on various kinds of substance, ranging from Heroin, amphetamine, ketamine, BZD and even alcohol. This only one medical model of TC in Taiwan had been set up 10 years ago and attracted numerous healthcare professionals, policy makers, government officials, NGOs and even university students to visit.

Those facilities together make TTPC the largest mental hospital providing most comprehensive treatment models in central Taiwan.

161 Yu-Pin Rd, Caotun Township, NAN-TOU,TAIWAN,R.O.C (542)


Taso-Tun Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Superintendent:Tsuo-Hung Lan
E-Mail:ttpc@ttpc.mohw.gov.tw URL:https://www.ttpc.mohw.gov.tw/english/
TsaoTun community Metal Health Center Address:No.16, Yufeng St., Caotun Township, NAN-TOU,TAIWAN,R.O.C Hotline Registration: (049)2569113