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Occupational Therapy

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Division of General psychiatry provides individual and continual occupational therapy to help patients recover and welcome beautiful life.
Division of Children and Adolescents Psychiatry provides day care and outpatient occupational therapy to promote physical and mental development and social adaptabilities.
Division of Addiction Science provides substance abuse therapy and preventive propaganda to reduce harm and help them blend into mainstream culture.
Section of Psychosomatic Medicine provides acute treatment and outpatient therapy to strengthen social adaptabilities and improve quality of life.
Section of Geriatrics provides day care and outpatient occupational therapy to maintain function and lesson caring load.
Section of Community Medicine provides community rehabilitation and home care occupational therapy to help patients return to society and participate in lives successfully.
Long term care maintains and improves health and quality of life in order to prevent Dementia and accomplish successful aging.
Post-imprisonment mandatory treatment for sex offenders provides occupational

The Five Stages Rehabilitation Model
We draft continual and individual occupational rehabilitation plans depending on symptoms stability, daily function, work potential, family support, and several ssessment outcomes to help patients learn how to live, enrich and create life.
1.Wide-Ranging Recreation/Leisure Exposure
We arrange leisure-oriented activities to relieve stress, provide emotional expression, transfer symptoms and cultivate habits.
2.Daily living skills Training
We design multiple living skills training, focusing on doing to increase function levels.
3.Work Interest/Habit Cultivation
Through participation and learning by doing, we stimulate individuals’ work interest and potential and cultivate good working habits gradually.
4.Specific Work Skills Training and Retention
We refer patients to simulated work situations, providing bonus to affirm the meaning of productive roles.
5.Readiness for Community Reintegration
We provide community rehabilitation center to help return to communities, work and competent life roles.

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Taso-Tun Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare

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