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[Medical and Welfare Department Grasshopper Sanatorium] Accessibility Announcement
This website is built according to the principle of accessible web design. The main sample content of the website is divided into three major blocks: 1) navigation link area, 2) main content area, and 3) related content area. The convenient keys (Accesskey, also known as the Quick Keys) of this website are set as follows:

This website quick key with guide blind brick setting

Alt+I: Website main menu.
Alt+L: Quick menu block.
Alt+C: The middle block of the webpage is the main content area.
This website electronic report unit shortcut key setting

Alt+U: Name form component in the middle content area of the web page.
Alt+X: E-mail form component in the middle content area of the web page.

Fourteen specifications and inspection code overview
Specification 1: Provide equal alternative text content for both auditory and visual content
H101000 image needs to be replaced with a caption
H101001 provides an alternative text description for the applet
H101002 Alternative text description for object
H101003 Provides an alternate text description for the graphic buttons in the form
H101004 Image map area needs to be replaced with a caption
H101105 When the image map is used as an upload button, each action area must use a different button.
H101106 When the text statement of the alt attribute is greater than 150 English characters, consider providing a separate text description.
H101107 provides descriptive hyperlinks other than longdesc (such as D hyperlinks) to describe the contents of longdesc
H101108 Provides more textual descriptions when the graphical alternative text statement is not clear enough (eg using the longdesc attribute)
H101109 All voice files must have text narration
H101210 replaces ASCII text art with accessible images
H101111 The sound in the video must provide a narration of the synchronized text type.
H101212 Hyperlinks in the server-side image map must have additional corresponding text hyperlinks in the web page.
H101213 When visualizing multimedia visual images, an auditory description must be provided
H101214 Multimedia presentation must be synchronized to produce a corresponding alternative voice or text description
H301215 Hyperlinks in the client image map must have additional corresponding accessibility hyperlinks in the webpage

Specification 2: Do not rely on color to provide special information
H102100 ensures that all messages conveyed by color can still be conveyed without color
H202201 ensures that the foreground and background colors are clearly contrasted with each other

Specification 3: Proper use of markup language and style sheets
H203200 Renders web content (such as mathematical equations) in a real-world markup language (such as MathML), avoiding the use of graphical image rendering
H203001 Determine web design files and use regular HTML syntax
H203102 In the doctype tag, use the narrative of the standard specification to identify the HTML version type
H203203 Use style sheets to control web page layout and content presentation whenever possible
H203004 To use relative size (such as %) instead of absolute size (such as pixels)
H203105 Appropriate use of nested title to render file structure
H203106 Avoid using the header tag to produce bold characters
H203107 The bullet and number labels (such as li, ul) can only be used for the item line of the actual web content, not for editing format.
H203108 Make sure the q and blockquote tags are only used as quotations and not for indentation
H203209 Mark quotations with q and blockquote tags

Specification 4: Clarify the use of natural language
H104200 clearly indicates the language conversion in web content
H304201 uses abbr and avronym tags to indicate the abbreviations and abbreviations of texts presented on web pages.
H304202 clearly indicates the natural language used by webpage text

Specification 5: Establish a well-formed form
H105100 For each table in which the material is stored (not for typesetting), the title of the row and column is indicated
H105101 Titles in more than two rows/columns in the table must be structured to confirm the structure and relationship between them.
H205102 Avoid designing multi-column text in tables when designing web content
H205103 If the form is only used as a layout, do not use the structure mark of the form (such as the th tag) as the web page format visual effect.
H305104 forms must provide a summary of the form (such as the summary attribute)
H305105 Information form must provide a description of the title
H305106 Forms with long headings, abbreviations or abbreviations

Specification 6: Ensure that web pages can be rendered well under new technologies. H106100 Files formatted using CSS style sheets need to be guaranteed to be read after the style sheet is removed.
H106001 The page frame source must be an HTML file
H106002 Use the script language to specify a method that does not support script.
H106103 If the program object in the webpage does not work, make sure the webpage content can still be conveyed.
H206104 If the web object is driven by events, be sure not to use the mouse only.
H206005 When using a page frame, specify the method when the page frame is not supported.

Specification 7: Ensure that users can handle changes in time-sensitive content
H107200 ensures that web design does not cause the screen to flash quickly
H207001 Avoid using blink tag flashing screen
H207002 Avoid moving text with marquee tags
H207103 Avoid using dynamic gif images
H207004 Don't let the page update automatically every once in a while
H207005 Do not automatically transfer the URL of a webpage
Specification 8: Ensure direct access to the embedded user interface
H208100 provides accessibility alternatives for information generated by Scripts, Applets, and Objects

Specification 9: Designing a device independent web page
H109100 Try to use the client image map instead of the server-side image map link
H209201 For all web content elements, ensure that there is an operation interface other than mouse
H209002 Ensuring that the event is inspired does not require the use of a mouse
H309103 specifies the order in which the Tab key is pressed in the form control, hyperlinks, and objects.
H309204 Adding shortcut keys to frequently used hyperlinks
H309105 Consider providing keyboard shortcuts for form components

Specification 10: Using a transitional solution
H210100 Do not open a new window unless the user knows that a new window will open.
H210101 If you use the Script language to open a new window or change the URL of the current window, you need to let the user know in advance.
H210102 ensures that the fit between the form's controls and control descriptions is appropriate
H310103 Provides linear text substitution if there is web page text content in tabular format
H310004 There must be a preset value in the web page text input area.
H310005 Do not connect hyperlinks separated by blank spaces

Specification 11: Use of international and domestic officially established technologies and specifications
H111200 If you can't make this page accessible, provide another equal accessible web page
H211201 Try to use the latest international standards
H211202 Avoid using outdated HTML syntax
H311203 allows users to set the way and content of web pages according to their personal preferences.

Specification 12: Provide content guidance information
H112000 needs to define the name of each page frame
H212101 If the page frame name is not enough to describe the contents of the page frame, add additional description
H212102 Grouping too long menu items
H212103 In the form control, use the fieldset and legend tags for the division between groups.
H212204 As much as possible to bring together the relevant elements of the web content
H212105 On the form control item, the information is indicated by the label label.

Specification 13: Provide a clear mechanism for browsing the website
H213200 Design and ensure meaningful hyperlink descriptions for easy reading of web content
H213101 Add a content description for each hyperlink if needed
H213202 Hyperlink to different URLs, the same hyperlink description cannot be used
H213203 uses the metadata tag to record the web page information that the computer can use.
H213004 Add a label to your web page
H213205 Provides a site map or a holistic introduction to your website
H213206 Web design uses a clear and consistent navigation mechanism
H313207 provides a web navigation link to facilitate access to the site navigation structure
H313208 can identify cluster-related hyperlinks in the sense
H313209 If there is a group hyperlink, add a hyperlink to bypass the area before the group.
H313210 If the website has a search function, you can design different web content search methods to provide different skills and preferences for search.
H313211 Provides a distinguishing message for identification in front of the page title, paragraph, and list
H313212 uses the metadata tag to identify the location of the web page file contained in the overall file.
H313213 Avoid using ACSII text art on web pages

Specification 14: Ensure simple and clear web content
H114200 Web content should use easy-to-understand text
H314201 Use accessibility graphics to promote understanding of web content
H314202 Web pages are designed to be consistent with each other.

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